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Philadelphia, PA



Experienced full-stack web developer with strong creative and communication skills. Adept at designing and building dynamic, performant applications and websites following clean-code principles. Passionate about learning and implementing new technologies to create immersive user experiences.



UI Developer – Remote - 7/2020-5/2021

► Redesigned and updated UI for 150+ page farm-management software built with Java/JSP/SQL

► Wrote and organized modular/responsive CSS with SASS + Bootstrap

► Implemented libraries and wrote custom scripts for new features

► Cleaned up legacy code, replaced with modern best practices


Freelancer - NY/Philadelphia - 2010-Present

► Designing and building custom websites and content management systems for clients leveraging modern best practices

► Designing logos, prints, style guides, merchandise

► Clients include Reclaim Justice Movement, Schubert B2B, and We The People Opportunity Farm

Schubert B2B (Contract)

Web Developer - Philadelphia/Remote - 2020

► Built and edited pixel-perfect Wordpress pages to client specification

► Created custom, responsive components for multiple sites

Astro Nautico LLC

Label Manager/Co-Founder – NY/Philadelphia - 2010-2019

▸ Managed projects/operations for independent record label

▸ Oversaw 60+ release campaigns from over 40 international artists

▸ Managed Wordpress site, designed and built new site using Three.js

▸ Handled web design, media production, organizational strategy



Software Engineering - Jan-May 2020

▸ Full-stack web development

▸ JavaScript, React, Node/Express, PostgreSQL

McGill University

Bachelor of Arts – Montreal – 2005-2009

▸ Humanistics/Philosophy

▸ 3.5 GPA, graduated w/ Great Distinction + Dean's List

Recent Projects

Micro Looper

Designed and built fully interactive web audio app that allows users to search for samples using the FreeSound API, manipulate it in an FX player (loop, reverse, modify speed/pitch/grain/delay/volume), set loop in/out points, and download the live recording to their computer as a wav file.

Technologies: Svelte, Tone.js, Tailwind, FreeSound API, PostCSS, Vite, Netlify

Reclaim Justice Movement

Designed and developed a custom JAMstack site for Reclaim Justice Movement using Gatsby for the front-end and Sanity for the back-end, which allows client to make blog posts and edit page content as they see fit. The site also leverages serverless functions for collecting e-mails and sending automated responses using Sendgrid’s API.

Technologies: React.js, Gatsby, Sanity, GraphQL, Node.js, Styled Components, SendGrid API, Netlify

Astro Nautico

An interactive landing page built with Three.js for independent record label Astro Nautico. Sun position changes based on the user's current time. Site is responsive and accessible.

Technologies: Three.js, Vanilla JS, SCSS, HTML5


⚡️Front-End: React.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, Svelte, Gatsby, Tailwind, Styled Components, jQuery, Bootstrap, p5.js, Three.js, HTML5, CSS3/SASS,

🔒Back-End: Node.js, Express, SQL, MongoDB

📊Testing/Deployment: Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, Chai, Cypress, Vercel, Heroku, Netlify

🎨Design: Figma, Sketch, Adobe Suite (XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere)

🔮Misc: GraphQL, Webpack, Wordpress, Sanity, Git/Github, Parcel, Vite, Babel, Gulp, AJAX

🗂Project Management: Notion, Trello, Asana, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite

👨‍💻Learning: Next.js, SvelteKit, Web Audio, Max/MSP